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The Method You Can Use To Safely And Securely Back Up Your Data

There are many benefits of having your data safely backed up especially due to the time and effort that you put in to create the information in the first place. If you are a business owner, you can easily retrieve information that is lost to ensure that there is no interruption of the flow of business. You may also have personal information that is very important such as photos or emails which when lost will cause you to lose precious memories. Backing up such information will ensure that your memories are always safe. There are different media that are used for backing up data including the LTO 5 tapes. Stutch Data LTO 5 provider thorough Australia you can purchased via online or visit their store.

What Does LTO Mean?

LTO refers to linear tape open which is a data storage technology that uses tape. The technology has an open format which means that you can buy storage products from different manufacturers and they will be compatible with one another. LTO technology undergoes continuous advancement and there are three companies that are responsible for the upgrade. These include Hewlett Packard (HP), International Business Machines (IBM) and Quantum.

These companies are responsible for advancing the technology by using better quality material for making the tape. The methods for compressing and encoding data are continually enhanced as well as the speed of the tape when moving through the drive.

LTO Roadmap

The LTO technology is continually enhanced through a roadmap that was created to lay down the goals and objectives of each generation. LTO products are released into the market in generations, beginning with the first generation or LTO 1 that was released into the market in 2000.

The creators of LTO ensure that each generation of LTO is better than the previous generation by increasing the transfer rate of the data and the storage capacity. They also include new features into each generation. In LTO-3, the write once read many feature was added which protects your data from being overwritten. This means that your data remains stored as it was originally created. In LTO-4, the data encryption feature was added and it allows data to first be compressed before it is encrypted. All these features are also present in the LTO-5 products.


In LTO-5, a feature known as partitioning was added which gives the user better space management and control of files. Partitioning is made effective through the linear tape file system (LTFS). The tape is divided into two partitions – one partition is used for indexing so that the drive can easily locate the file. The other portion is used for storing the data. The files can be written directly to the tape and can be read by another computer no matter which operating system the computer is using. The computer simply has to have the LTFS software.

Storage Capacity And Speed

LTO-5 has a maximum storage capacity of 1.5TB and a data transfer rate of 140 MB/s for data that is not compressed. For compressed data, the maximum storage capacity is 3TB and the rate of data transfer is 280 MB/s. The rate of data compression is 2:1. When compared to LTO-4, LTO-5 has doubled the storage capacity but has only increased the speed by fifteen percent. The increase in speed is not as high since it increases the cost of the drive.