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Quantum MR-L3MQN-01 An Advanced LTO3 Storage Cassette

Every day raised of copy information has generated an enormous pressure on organizations, businesses, and company. They must keep their reliable and most significant data which comprise crucial information regarding customers and company. Without this info that is incredibly vital and significant no company could be boom or grow. Consequently enterprises and companies this day spending a large amount of cash on information back-up systems. The data of government preservation latest laws stipulate and sections that the all kind of organization or companies should make certain dependability and appropriate protection & preservation of archival information. Organizations, all of the companies suitable manage the archive, copy or not need to shield and supervise huge info amounts, yet as well must pursue the tight strategy of information and the dictatorial authorities withholding Laws.

Leading international enterprises mainly rely on the rock hard uniformity and ultimate act gifts that are copy from the LTO. LTO Linear Tape Open is a magnetic tape option which is co-developed HP by IBM and Quantum. LTO association has many notable member and important maker of Data Storage Cassette like IBM, Quantum, HP, Sony, Maxell, Fuji, Imation, DELL, TDK, and SUN technologies etc. they’re all most experienced and reputable maker. Quantum is cofounder of LTO technology and developed LTO 1 MR-L1MQN-01 cassette back in year 2000 with 100-200 GB data storage capacity and with 20-40 MB/Sec data transfer speed. Quantum LTO 2 MR-L2MQN-01 expand its storage capacity 200-400 GB and improved data transfer speed 40-80 MB/Sec. Quantum LTO3 MRL3MQN01, is one of the top alternative and most economical alternative for any kinds of speedily growing storage demands.

MR-L3MQN-01, is one of most innovative LTO technology data storage cassette which give superior as well as complete choice for active database centres, Sound and Video archiving, SMBs, Financial Institutes, government agencies, info workstations and departmental data base centres. Quantum LTO 3, is rather and carefully designed to improved give out the back-up demands of financing managed organizations.

Quantum LTO3 tape, enhanced with data storage capacity with 400-800 GB (1:2 compression) and additionally increased data transfer speed with 80 MB/ Second native and 160 MB/ second with compressed. Both these fundamental qualities of LTO a technology cassette improved total picture of LTO huge data speed and storage skill sure data storage device and make LTO dependable. Speed and data storage give more advantages to users long term data storage ability, lower ownership cost, superb dependability, and best option to satisfy data storage surroundings that is mounting.

Many attributes that were fundamental, enhanced and added some sophisticated and quite dependable functions. These cassettes that are LTO3 are totally compatible with LTO Ultrium 3 tape drives make certain trouble free incorporation, and well examined to provide LTO cassettes that are earlier to extraordinary functionality too and offers backward read and write skill. Quantum LTO3 tape, use new coating approaches for the foundation picture and also make the tape surface more lustrous and smoother and raised with more data track 704 and cassette span 680M. Better cassette quality additionally gives exceptional motion practice with LTO Ultrium tape drive.

Quantum MR-L3MQN-01, added with new WROM function which gives more protection to stored info WORM is really shield archival information from adjustment or unauthorized effort. Quantum MR-L3MQN-01 LTO-3 tape has fundamental memory chip which offers best communications skill during load and unload procedure and has extraordinary capability to hold most significant advice regarding use history of Cartridge.