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Fast Facts Regarding HP Ultrium LTO 1 Data Storage Cassette

Hewlett Packard is founding member of LTO Association and developed World’s first LTO Linear Tape Open data storage cassette format along with IBM and Seagate (Quantum). HP Ultrium tape technology has really been absolutely designed to presentation in the lowest and offers outstanding dependability prices /GB. The Ultrium technology based on trustworthy on hand and innovative technologies, enlarge and Open standards add to modernism buyer’s choice in states of functionality, speed, storage capacity and Shape Component.

Qualification processes are taped by each of the LTO Ultrium technology backed by the exclusive and wide-ranging storage of HP. HP Ultrium data storage cassettes are totally fit among non HP Ultrium tape apparatus in addition to all HP storage formats. 2:1 compression with superb fundamental characteristic which helps LTO Ultrium technology to enhance for additional generations is being assumed by the LTO standard.

C7971A, is the primary HP LTO data storage tape format which established in year 2000, HP causes it to be particular the exceptional strength specification which is beyond storage industry standards, of group HP C7971A. HP constantly uses rough qualification evaluations for the trusted products that are computing; compare to other data storage cassette producer, HP takes such productive and demanding qualification measures of the tape media as well as other LTO Ultrium associated merchandises like Tape drives out.

LTO1 Cassette, is additionally unload and pass through HP testing processes, drops, archival imitation which aren’t required to put on the LTO Ultrium Logo and environmental strain tests. HP designed the LTO Ultrium data storage tape format for the needing settings of scale libraries that were huge, and its particular construction that was perfect offers excellent I million has and equal to 260 full back ups or passes preservation life. C7971A Mass, has remarkable features, all these are perfectly complemented LTO Ultrium technology is the best and trustworthy alternative for difficult and growing challenges of storage, with a variety of storage environments and settings by which intensive data storage procedure are performed.

LTO-1 Tape, can hold 200 GB and 100 GB native through exceptional data transfer speed of 20 MB/ Second native and 40 MB/ Second with compressed data storage capacity when compressed. Safe and rapid transport speed and remarkable data storage capacity are demanding speedy transfer speed storage products with minimal prices, largely customer demands for bigger storage capacity and characteristics of any data storage formats. HP LTO1, is absolutely fit with one of these demands it truly is dependable, long-lasting, high performance degree and most significantly offers quite low prices against one GB information. HP uses a number of the very most innovative coating techniques for foundation movie quality with perfect little and thinner metal particles by means of outstanding formula and created a quality foundation picture which may hold 384 data tracks, 609M long movie span by 1265 mm tape width.

HP LTO 1 C7971A, is compatible with LTO Ultrium 1 tape drive amid any present brand and it’s also Re-writeable cartridge with superior capability to do also unloads cycles and reputable load. LTO 1 C7971A, has a memory chip or LTO-CM which competent to hold cartridge use memory with 4KB storage capacity. LTO-CM is additionally enhance and hasten the access time while offering data research that is betters during quite intensive load and unloads procedures. HP LTO C7971A, is outstanding, outstanding, reputable while offering data that is most protected preservation with quite long term dependability to satisfies the demands of other storage along with little and moderate size enterprise settings. HP C7971A LTO 1 is trusted and many great storage media offers security that is perfect to archive info.